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“A Star Is Born” Receives Praise Months Before Premiere

So far the remake of “A Star Is Born” starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper has received praise from Barbara Streisand and Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence described the movie as “f*cking phenomenal” while Barbara Streisand said that Bradley Cooper has done a “wonderful job with her [Lady Gaga].” The movie is no stranger in casting

Celebrity Prayer Candles That Are Too Good to Ignore

Have you ever seen those prayer candles with saints on them? They’re typically found in churches or at your grandma’s house surrounded by prayer cards and rosary beads. Well now, clever artists have incorporated these candles to pop culture so now, your [insert fav celeb here] shrine can come together.  Lady Gaga Lady Gaga as

Lady Gaga Merch for the Joanne World Tour

Attending the Joanne World Tour with nothing to wear? Here are some ideas to help you gear up! Considering I am labeled a “Little Monster,” aka a Lady Gaga super-fan, I have been to many of her shows. While attending a Gaga show, you are bound to see fans dressing up and living their best