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These Disney Character Bags are Pure Magic

  Danielle Nicole, the designer and sorcerer of these magical Disney bags, started her fashion career at the age of 18 in New York’s fashion industry. She was talented enough to be asked to design cosmetic bags and from then on she created her own brand. Now her bags can be found in stores like

Cool Reptar Stuff for Your Inner Rugrat

Halt! Here’s Reptar! We have a list of Reptar stuff for nostalgic purposes. Know a Rugrat / Reptar fan? Is that person you?  The second most iconic dinosaur (Barney is the first) has the coolest gear on Amazon. And I promise these goodies will leave you fighting with your sibling like Phil and Lil! Twin

Christmas Apparel for Upcoming Holiday Celebrations

Have an ugly Christmas sweater party coming up? Or maybe a Christmas swap or Secret Santa event? Or maybe you just love Christmas so much that you want it to show in the clothes you wear. Here are some items (leggings, sweaters, dresses, socks) that will go perfectly. Leggings Blizzard Bay Women’s Plus Size Santa

Lady Gaga Merch for the Joanne World Tour

Attending the Joanne World Tour with nothing to wear? Here are some ideas to help you gear up! Considering I am labeled a “Little Monster,” aka a Lady Gaga super-fan, I have been to many of her shows. While attending a Gaga show, you are bound to see fans dressing up and living their best