‘Mini Brands: Disney Store Edition’ What’s in Store?

I stumbled upon these Mini Brands capsules when I was at Target not that long ago. They are these balls filled with miniature everyday items made by popular brands. Some will have tiny bottles of McCormick seasonings and itty-bitty bags of Lays potato chips, and so on.

Then, I discovered they had Mini Brands: Disney Store Edition. These balls were filled with teeny Disney Store merch. So, naturally I NEEDED one obv.

I was very eager to open it but wanted to wait to do an unboxing for you guys.


I was pleasantly surprised to see that my capsule was heavy on the Marvel merch!

A Look Inside Mini Brads: Disney Store Edition

Each ball comes with five items. Mine had a Captain America Toy Box Action Figure, a Marvel Spider-Man Action figure, a Disney Princess Flynn Rider Doll, an Animators Collection Ariel, and a Marvel Avengers Bow and Arrow.

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What’s cool about these is that are legitimate pieces from real Disney Brands just shrunken down. The boxes are as detailed as the real-life ones, as well as the figures. I also love that they have the item of the said product in the box. They really went above and beyond with these collectibles.

I definitely will be buying more to see what else is in store.

If you plan to order online, you can order a 3-pack directly from shopDisney.

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