Funko: Space Mountain Edition

Funko is celebrating Disney World’s 50th Anniversary with a really cool selection of Pops that pay homage to Space Mountain.

Space Mountain opened in Disney World on January 15, 1975. This was three years after the grand opening of the happiest place on Earth.

If you can’t be in Disney right now, why not celebrate Space Mountain’s Anniversary with a Pop purchase!

Funko Pop Town: Space Mountain

One of the Pops, known as a Pop Town, is a Space Mountain replica that comes with a Mickey Mouse Astronaut.

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It is an Amazon #1 Best Seller, so pre-ordering it now is your best bet at scoring one!

Funko Pop Ride: Space Mountain

The other is a Funko Pop Ride Super Deluxe! It’s the Mickey Mouse Astronaut sitting in Space Mountain Rocket. It’s available to pre-order and is currently marked at 15% off.

Funko Space Mountain Plush

And last on the list is the adorable Plush! This seven-inch plush is the cutest thing I’ve seen.

If ya love Space Mountain so much, why don’t you cuddle with it?

All these awesome Funkos are available to pre-order and will ship in April.

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