Scarlet Witch Funko Pop Available Now

The credit scene in ‘WandaVision’ where we see Wanda mastering astral projection while studying the Darkhold was one of the most monumental scenes in the MCU, so of course, this Scarlet Witch Funko Pop was created.

Not only is Wanda devoted to mastering her potential powers, it also sets us up for the next phase of Marvel movies. 

While Wanda is studying this book in this state, she can hear the screams of her children and in shock, she slams the book shut. 

Fans speculate that this moment will be revisited in Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness which is set to release in 2022.

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I personally enjoyed this scene and all of its importance, so I had to have this Funko Pop. 

I have to be selective when getting Pops because I’m running out of space! Luckily this one made the cut and I pre ordered it several months ago. It arrived today and I just love it.

You can order this Scarlet Witch Funko Pop now.

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