Two New Billie Eilish Dolls Are Coming Out in March

Billie Eilish dolls are fucking cool, ok? This collection is def top tier, and the best pop artist dolls I’ve seen since the Monster High Zomby Gaga dolls.

Pop Shop featured the Billie Eilish Bad Guy Fashion Doll on the Holiday Gift Guide.

“The Bad Guy Billie Eilish Doll is a replica of her in the ‘Bad Guy’ music video.

The high quality doll of Billie Eilish is poseable and comes with a stand. The box she comes in can be folded into a backdrop to fulfill the aesthetic of the Bad Guy theme. My favorite part of her though is her eyes!

I love that their semi rolled back because I feel that it’s her signature.”

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What I love most about them is that they look just like her.

These dolls deserve to have a spotlight shined on them.

So, this one’s for you, Billie Eilish fans.

New Billie Eilish Dolls in March

Billie Eilish Dolls - LA Live Fashion Doll

Billie Eilish LA Live Fashion Doll

One of the two is a homage to Billie Eilish’s live performance at her LA show. 

In proper Billie Eilish fashion, the 10-inch clone wears a baggy lime green signature t-shirt and shorts, with matching high top sneakers, and matching medical tape on her legs.

This outfit coordinates with her lime green streaks in her space-bun styled hair. The package also includes her necklaces, microphone, and doll stand.

Billie Eilish Dolls - When The Party's Over Figure
When The Party’s Over Figure

The second doll is part of her “in-video series” which mimics scenes and styles from her music videos. A really rad concept if you ask me.

Anyway, this doll is more like an action figure.

It’s about 6-inches tall and poseable. It is accurately molded and detailed oriented like the others. This package also includes the glass, pedestal, and chair to set the scene.

Each Billie Eilish doll comes with an eco-friendly box that folds into a diorama set where she can be displayed proudly.

Both of these dolls are expected to be released on Amazon on March 15th and can be pre-ordered now.

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