Baby Yoda Merch: A List of 30 Items

The Mandalorian made it’s debut last November on Disney Plus and Baby Yoda was introduced as a valuable package for the bounty hunter to retrieve.

It seems as if a package full of Baby Yoda merch is just as valuable to Star Wars fans.

Officially referred to as “The Child,” Baby Yoda took the internet by storm with his giant eyes and ears on a little body.

It didn’t take long for the internet to roll out the Baby Yoda memes after each weekly episode.

Soon after raving fans wondered when Baby Yoda merch would hit stores.

It was a slow start, but now the merch is endless.

This list isn’t every single Baby Yoda item ever, you’d be here for days. But, it’s definitely jam packed with some pretty awesome options.

This list will be updated overtime as new Baby Yoda Merch comes out, so stick around by following us on Instagram and Twitter, or subscribe to our newsletters!

The Child Premium Plush Bundle

The NEWEST baby yoda plush by Mattel has feet! Yes this is exciting because all of the other dolls, animatronic and plush do not have feet. The only thing that did was this Sideshow Collectible Statue. 

The Child Premium Plush Bundle includes a satchel just like Mando carries around in season 2 of The Mandalorian. His feet and hands are plushy and his head is made of vinyl. Squeeze his hand and he makes baby sounds. 

Another physical difference of this doll is his face. Instead of a cute smirk, his lips are slightly open. Overall, a wicked cute toy, wouldn’t expect anything less. 

Available now for pre-order.

The Child Makeup Brush Holder

This adorable brush holder comes with five brushes!

The Child Figural Backpack

The Child Shoulder Sitter

Yes this little guy sits on your shoulder!! I think it’s great to bring to Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland or Disney World. Also a great addition to Mando cosplay.

Mando and The Child Accordion Windshield Shade

*adds to cart immediately*

The Child Crocs (Adult Sizes)

The Child Dad Cap

The Child Black Grey Sweatshirt

I love this sweatshirt so much I have it myself.

The Child Species Unknown Crossbody Bag

Another Baby Yoda Bag. Another Baby Yoda bag by Danielle Nicole.

The Child Precious Cargo Pocket T-Shirt

*eyes fill up with tears*

The Child T-shirt Dress

Love, love, love this dress! It would look perfect with combat boots and an oversized denim jacket.

Available in plus size too.

The Child Cradle Mini-Backpack

Another Baby Yoda bag but this one is by Loungefly! Another fabulous pop culture company.

The Child Purple Ball T-Shirt

The Child Purple Ball Sweatshirt

The Child Yearbook Portrait T-shirt

This photo cracks me up!!

The Child Plush Toy, 11-inch Small Yoda-like Soft Figure

A fan-favorite!! I got mine this summer, and it was the best decision I ever made.

The Child, 10″ Super Sized Pop!

Funko Pop! Star Wars: The Mandalorian – The Child

The Child with Egg Canister Funko Pop

The Child Geeki Tiki

Here at Pop Shop we love Geeki Tikis. We’ve covered horror geeki tikis and Golden Girls Geeki Tikis.

Now, we just cannot resist showing off these Baby Yoda ones! So far there are only two–“the force” and “the frog.” Both hold about 16 ounces.


The Child – 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Got this puzzle during quarantine. Definitely a great way to kill some time!

The Child On Board Car Decal

Haha get it? Instead of “Baby on Board”?

The Mandalorian Baby Bounties Hold Me and Ball Mini-Figures

The Mandalorian Baby Bounties Frog and Force Mini-Figures

The Mandalorian Baby Bounties Soup and Blanket Mini-Figures

The Child 7 1/2-Inch Electronic Plush Toy

This version of The Child plush

The Child Chia Pet

The Child Real Moves Plush

‘The Child Real Moves Plush’ is one of the newest variations of the fan-favorite character! Operated by a remote control, this little guy can follow you around. He also gestures to use the force when necessary.

The Child Animatronic

The animatronic is comparable to Mattel’s remote control operated plush. They both come with a necklace, they both make noises and use the force. Only this one is smaller and stationary.

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