Pop Shop’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the happiest season of all in the crappiest year of all. To be honest, we all deserve some holiday cheer and I think it’s a good time to spoil yourself a little more than usual. 

So to all the pop culture nerds out there, here is Pop Shop’s 2020 Gift Guide that features  items for movie fans, music fans, and tv fans alike! I hope you enjoy it!

Deadpool’s Head

I f*cking loooooove this thing!!! Any Deadpool fan will too.

“The jerks of Marvel Legends” have created this Deadpool Talking head that is a surefire way to have a companion with you at all times to suppress your boredom. And you don’t even need to be six feet apart from him! 

He has over 600 sayings, plus an interactive app that’s even funner. Once you download the app you can have him say jokes, set him up for pranks, and have him insult anyone around you. Some pranks have their own category like, “fridge” or “bathroom” but it also has the option of customizing a prank. With this feature you can set up when he says the prank, what to say, and how many times to repeat it.

WARNING: This item is not kid friendly! He swears a lot and when you leave him on and alone, he never shuts up. 

He’s just one head but a TON of personality and he’s definitely one of my favorite items on this list.

Golden Girls Geeki Tikis

Have a drink with Dorothy, Rose, Sophia or Blanche! No, literally. When you go to drink something, choose whoever you want with these Geeki Tikis. 

You can purchase the characters separately or as a whole set. We blogged about these girls over the summer, but I love them alot so I had to add them to this list! 

Genius Music Playing Cards

I was given these cool playing cards as a stocking stuffer last year! Enjoy the illustrations of some of the most influential beings of music. Perfect for the musician or music enthusiast in your life.

Romero Britto Stitch Mini Figure

When I look at this mini statue of Stitch, I can physically feel my eyes form into hearts. I love his face and the bright colors throughout the entire figure. Super cute!

If you love this figure by Romero Britto, be sure to check out his other Disney related statues.

Invisibility Cloak Harry Potter

I bought this cloak for my sister last year and it is incredibly fun! Its magic comes alive via an app that works pretty well. The photos are pretty legit and doing tricks with it is very entertaining. 

Central Perk Neon Light Sign

If I could have one thing to own from the set of Friends, I’d love to have the neon Central Perk sign. I think it’s one of the most iconic places in fictional history so I think having a replica of that would be pretty rad.

Game of Thrones 3D Puzzle of Winterfell

Build the castle of House Stark with this 3D puzzle of Winterfell. If you’ve never heard of a 3D puzzle, it’s basically like you’re building something with puzzle pieces. Not blocks, puzzle pieces. Believe it or not, they fit tightly and are made very sturdy. 

I’m not going to lie, I heard that this puzzle is tedious and quite challenging! But hey, some folks love doing things like this and I always think puzzles are a good way to spend time with one another OR to simply pass time. 

Bad Guy Billie Eilish Doll

The Bad Guy Billie Eilish Doll is a replica of her in the ‘Bad Guy’ music video.

The high quality doll of Billie Eilish is poseable and comes with a stand. The box she comes in can be folded into a backdrop to fulfill the aesthetic of the Bad Guy theme. My favorite part of her though is her eyes!

I love that their semi rolled back because I feel that it’s her signature.

Harry Potter Mandrake Mini Planter

Gifting a mandrake to someone might not be the best idea, but gifting someone a mandrake planter is a great idea! 

This well made mini pot is the perfect gift for any Potterhead

SpongeBob Mocking Figure

The folks of SpongeBob have capitalized on his meme-able behavior. So basically the best SpongeBob meme ever created is now a vinyl figure.

You can even get Surprised Patrick and Handsome Squidward to go with him!

Thank you to the creatives behind this because I’m obsessed with all of it.

Black Panther Heavyweights Collection Figure

This detailed figure of T’Challa stands at four inches and embodies the powerful hero Black Panther was. RIP Chadwick Boseman!

The Child Real Moves Plush by Mattel

Featured in Pop Shop’s Baby Yoda list, ‘The Child Real Moves Plush’ is one of the newest variations of the fan-favorite character!

This version of him is operated by a remote control so that he can follow you around, make sounds, and play hide and seek amongst other things.

Available to pre-order now.

Loungefly Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Floral Handbag

Deathly Hallows but make it fashion.

Mickey Mouse Mini Waffle Maker

The magic of Disney World breakfast right in your home!

This easy to flip waffle maker can make up to six mini waffles at once.

Saint Dolly Phone Case

This Saint Dolly design was created by artist CreatingChaos on TeePublic.

The case can fit different iPhone models and Galaxy phones. If you love this design but want it on another product, be sure to check them out!

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