Pre-Order ‘The Child Real Moves Plush’ by Mattel

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‘The Child Real Moves Plush’ is one of the newest variations of the fan-favorite character!

This version of him is operated by a remote control so that he can follow you around, make sounds, and play hide and seek amongst other things.

Since he’s created by Mattel, he looks just like their other baby yoda plush doll, only more advanced.

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He comes with a remote control and Mythosaur necklace.

Based on videos I’ve seen this little guy is adorably cool. First having him follow you around, like he follows Mando is hilarious to me. But that’s not even the best part!

The little guy uses ALL his might when using the force, that his arm starts to shake so you know he’s trying reallllll hard.

This version of Baby Yoda is comparable to the animatronic Baby Yoda by Hasbro. The animatronic figure is about six inches tall–about half the size of this one.

They both come with a necklace, they both make noises and use the force. Only this one is smaller and stationary.

I honestly like both of them. I mean, anything baby Yoda related is exciting to me.

But if I had to choose one over the other, I would probably pick the remote controlled one. It’s bigger and I love that he can follow you, plus it’s only $10 more than the animatronic.

For $70, you can pre-order this baby right now! It is expected to be available on November 20th.

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