The Coraline Doll Is Almost Perfect

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Beldmen, also known as, The Other Mother, made rag dolls of four children she wanted to use as spies to connect with the real world. After one of the victims was killed, the doll was retrieved back to The Other Mother’s sewing kit where it was reassembled to look like Coraline Jones.

Wrapped in a newspaper, Coraline was given the doll by her mom after her new friend Wybie Lovat brought it by. Coraline expressed she was “too old for dolls” but ended up playing with it anyway. 

She took the doll around the house with her. This was the perfect setup for The Other Mother to entice Coraline.

Since the doll is capable of moving on its own, it placed itself right in front of a mysterious door in Coraline’s room. The door led to the Other World, where The Other Mother is. 

The Coraline Doll became one of the most recognizable pop culture figures. Anytime Coraline merch is seen, you are guaranteed to see The Doll included. 

The National Entertainment Collectors Association, also known as NECA, replicated the Coraline doll in detail. It’s the perfect gift for Coraline fans, or even a great prop for Coraline cosplay. 

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The doll has been around for a long time, and like any collectible, the price has fluctuated over time. 

I purchased the Coraline doll back in February for about $38. Right now, the cheapest price is $59.95 and is set to restock for certain Amazon sellers. Hopefully this will lead to a price drop!

Overall, it is pretty great collectible and close to perfect. She has blue yarn hair, black button eyes, a raincoat and a barrette. Visually they look identical, but physically, the doll in real life is smaller and pretty stiff. Her head is made of vinyl and her body is stiff. 

I kinda wish she was bigger and a little more floppy like in the movie. But given that she’s a collector’s item, I’m not totally bummed. 

I definitely recommend this collectible for any pop culture fans out there but definitely wait for the price to drop!

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