The Child Plush Doll Review

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The Child Plush was featured on our list of All Things Baby Yoda.

Back then, December to be exact, I pre-ordered him. He was scheduled to be here on May 27th, but showed up early!

I absolutely adore this Baby Yoda doll. I think he’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I like that he’s mostly soft.

FYE All Things Entertainment

His head is made of vinyl, but it isn’t solid. It kinda feels like a basketball with low air pressure. Those ears are pretty serious though, as I accidentally poked my eye with one of them.

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It’s worth noting that he doesn’t have any legs! I think it’s hilarious. His body is just a sack basically. But he does stay standing up which is fun.

Totally worth the wait!

Where to buy The Child Plush Doll?

The Child Plush is sold out at alot of major retailers like Walmart and Target, but you can find him at FYE for $29.74.

Exclusive 'The Child,

The next best option is probably eBay or even Amazon, however the price is now doubled on both sites.

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