Baby Yoda Chia Pet Available to Pre-Order

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The day has come, guys! Baby Yoda has now become a Chia Pet–an unofficial level up in the pop culture merch world.

The Child Chia Pet was first announced at the New York Toy Fair in February.

It’s no surprise that the newest edition is absolutely adorable.

The Child, AKA Baby Yoda, took the internet by storm when Disney+ released The Mandalorian series back in November.

He became an internet sensation, a superstar, just for adorably existing. Then the Baby Yoda merch started to emerge slowly but surely.

The Chia Pet features Baby Yoda is sitting in his carrier pod which now acts as a planter. Once bloomed, he is surrounded by plants which makes it even cuter.

This qualifies as one of the best Chia Pets made. On that list includes the Bob Ross and Stranger Things Dustin Chia Pets.

To me, the best ones are when the plant placements don’t disrupt the character.

The Baby Yoda Chia Pet is available to pre-order now from Entertainment Earth and is expected to arrive in July 2020.

As far as the planting process, the plants come to life in 1-2 days. You are given a pack of Chia seeds enough for three plantings, and can even be replaced with basil and alfalfa seeds.

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