BREAKING: Golden Girls Geeki Tikis Are Back In Stock

Everyone’s favorite ladies are here to help you get through these long days in quarantine. Picture it…Golden Girls Geeki Tikis.

The Golden Girls Geeki Tikis are back in stock after completely selling out a few weeks ago. These ceramic mugs are just fabulous for your favorite beverage.

One could argue that they’re the perfect companion to help wash down cheesecake, amirite?!

Pop Shop is no stranger to these pop culture tikis. This past Halloween season, we ran a giveaway for a Ghostface Geeki Tiki. It was a hit!

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Each Golden Girl Tiki is designed with unique characteristics (shoutout to Beeline Creative for all their creativity) that pays homage to their characters in the best way.

For starters, all the tikis are different heights, making Dorothy the tallest.

Sophia is of course the shortest, and she has a cranky facial expression. She’s even holding her handbag!

Blanche is rocking her makeup and pearls, like she’s ready to make moves on the next man she sees. And Rose, of course, looks as happy as can be.

These tikis are perfect for any Golden Girls fan!

You can buy all 4 in a set for $98.99 or individually for $25.99.

Take A Sip Drinking Game: Golden Girls Edition

Have fun with your new Geeki Tikis by playing this Golden Girls themed drinking game!

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