Music Genius Playing Cards: Five Hearts for This Deck!

Music Genius Playing Cards -- Pop Shop

Music Genius playing cards are perfect for the music enthusiast. These cards show love to genres like pop, blues, soul, r&b, folk, country, and rock’n’roll. 

Each suit is broken up by genre. So for example, the hearts are pop music themed and features illustrations of iconic artists like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Madonna drawn by Rik Lee.

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Clubs pay homage to blues, soul, and r&b that features artists like Diana Ross and Ray Charles. 

Spades are the people of rock n’ roll that feature the faces of Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury, and Jimi Hendrix. 

Music Genius Playing Cards -- Pop Shop

Music Genius cards were created by Rik Lee and Charlie Harris.

Rik Lee was the man behind the illustrations of the legendary artists, while Charlie Harris is the music enthusiast, whose “life story is intertwined with music.” She even works as a Freelance Music PR in London.

Music Genius playing cards are the perfect gift for music fans, people who admire art, and of course, card players. They are only $10.37!

There are also Genius decks of cards for bookworms and art connoisseurs.

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