Marilyn Monroe Funko Pops Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Marilyn Monroe, iconic actress, model, and singer, is getting new Funko Pops this spring!

This isn’t the first time the blonde bombshell was a Funko Pop. The “Marilyn Monroe (with sunglasses)” was released in 2019.

Coming May 2020, Entertainment Earth is releasing two versions of Marilyn Monroe Funko Pops that pays homage to the iconic white dress photo.

The famous white halter dress was designed by costume designer William Travella for the movie Seven Year Itch that was directed by Billy Wilder.

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Fun fact–originally this shot of Marilyn was supposed to take place just outside of the Trans-Lux 52nd Street Theatre.

But, due to the popularity of the actress, she drew a large crowd on the set. So, they had to reshoot this moment on set at 20th Century Fox.

The Seven Year Itch

The two versions include full colored and black and white, which is also an Entertainment Earth Exclusive.

Marilyn Monroe Funko Pops from Entertainment Earth - Full Colored and Black and White - Pop Shop

They are available to pre-order now and are expected to ship May 2020.

The black and white gives the right amount of nostalgia and is a limited edition for $13.99.

The full colored Marilyn is just $10.99.

Pre-order your Marilyn Pops today!

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