Pop Shop’s Holiday Gift Guide

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Pop Shop's Gift Guide

New year, new gear!

Here are a bunch of recommended items to inspire your holiday shopping! Since it’s Black Friday, be on the look out for the deals for these items. Some of them may change as the weekend goes on so I will do the best I can to point them out!

There’s a range of fandoms to please, and kinds of products throughout this list.

Hope Pop Shop has helped you in some way this holiday season!

Game of Thrones Funko Ride: Daenerys on Fiery Drogon


In the final season of Game of Thrones, we witness Daenerys wrath unraveling quickly. By the end of the series, she burns King’s Landing to the ground. 

This frustrating unforgettable act is now in memoriam via Funko Pop Rides. Daenerys riding Fiery Drogon is now available in Funko Pop Form.

This isn’t the first time the Mother of Dragons took flight in the Funkoverse. In 2016, Funko released the first Daenerys on Drogon Ride.

Right now Amazon Black Friday deals are live, so be sure to save a few bucks on this ride!

Pun Pantry Rick and More Tea Mug

Pun Pantry Rick and More Tea - Pop Shop Gift Guide

Get schwifty in the morning with Rick and Morty and this punny mug! 

Rick and More Tea is a Pun Panrty fan favorite.

The Baby Yoda T-shirt

Baby Yoda The Child Tshirt-Pop Shop Gift Guide

Baby Yoda is the best thing that happened since Baby Groot.

Baby Yoda took the internet by storm shortly after The Mandalorian premiere on Disney Plus.

Fans have been anxiously waiting for Baby Yoda merch to make it’s way on the scene. 

Finally, that merch is available now!

Behold, The Child…


Muppets Jim Henson with Kermit Funko Pop


The genius behind your favorite puppets is a Pop! Jim Henson holding Kermie is something I never knew I needed. 

Jim Henson took pop culture by storm when he created life size characters out of puppets that are still a delight to this day.

Celebrate his mark in entertainment with this Funko Pop.

Funko 5 Star The Shining Jack Torrance 


Jack Torrance was terrifying in The Shining but this 5 Star Figure is really cute. 

This poseable figure of the popular horror character comes with accessories including his axe and his typewriter. I’m assuming the typewriter is loaded with a piece of paper that has “All work and no play” written all over it.

For Black Friday, 5 Star Jack Torrance is on sale from $11.99 to $9.59 at FYE.

Sega Genesis Flashback Console System


Sega Genesis original console defined the very beginning of gaming culture back in 1989. Now SEGA launched a return of that console, because this generation loves nostalgia. 

I think the SEGA Genesis Flashback Console could be a great gift for not just gamers, but older folks who have had a SEGA Genesis as a part of their childhood.

Jurassic World Uno Attack


The funnest dinosaur attack EVER.

Be prepared to be attacked by a raging Dilophosaurus! Kidding, but not really. Jurassic World Uno Attack is fun and thrilling and will most likely entertain you for hours.

Tinkerbell Precious Moments Figurine


I was pleasantly surprised to see that Precious Moments was still a thing. I was even more hyped to see they have Disney ones. 

This Tinkerbell Precious Moments Figurine is so adorable and a really cute gift.

Flying Monkey The World of Miss Mindy

The World of Miss Mindy Flying Monkey - Pop Shop Gift Guide

Another meant-to-be-scary-character-turned-cute is this Flying Monkey from the World of Miss Mindy. All of these vinyl figures are distinctly made with whimsical colors and big adorable eyes.

Pennywise Cosplay Cozy Slippers

Pennywise Slippers - Pop Shop Gift Guide

These Pennywise cozy slippers are lightweight on your feet and super comfortable to wear around the house.

The three red puff balls and grey colored slipper replicate It’s costume in a cute way.

They aren’t bulky or slip off easily like most slippers. 

Black Double Pom Beanie

Double Pom Beanie- Pop Shop Gift Guide

Pom beanies are so cute, and double pom beanies are even cuter. 

Do these count as hidden Mickeys?

Lounge Fly Toy Story Bags

Lounge Fly is top notch when it comes to character themed bags. Recently the just launched a couple of Toy Story bags that are super cute.

Green Alien Crossbody Bag - Pop Shop Gift Guide

One being the Alien Cross Body Bag and the other being the Woody and Buzz backpack.

Buzz and Woody Loungefly Backpack- Pop Shop Gift Guide

I love both of these! The Buzz and Woody backpack is special because it’s the first time Buzz and Woody fly together.

This is when Woody is encouraging Buzz’s dream of being an actual space ranger, and when Buzz is actually realizing he IS a toy and is okay with it. A defining moment of the Toy Story universe. 

If you know someone who is attending Toy Story Land gift them one of these bags! 

Lounge Fly Villains Mini Backpacks

Not everyone is into bags that are super vibrant and really in your face. And that’s perfectly okay! Lounge Fly has a few Disney Villain bags that are more low key but still meant for fanboys and fangirls to share their love for Disney.

These velvet backpacks come as Maleficent, Ursula and The Evil Queen.

The Maleficent bag is a black 9-inch velvet backpack with a dragon emblem on the front and her name. Inside this roomy bag is a vibrant green lining.


The Ursula mini backpack is a deep purple velvet bag, 9-inches as well, with a small shell on the front and her name embroidered in gold. The shell obviously represents what she uses to steal Ariel’s voice.

Urusula Loungefly Backpack - Pop Shop Gift Guide

And finally the Evil Queen mini backpack is a deep red velvet lined with light blue. It’s beautiful! A gold dagger heart is placed in the front that says Evil Queen right on it instead of embroidered.

Evil Queen Loungefly Mini Backpack - Pop Shop Gift Guide


Loungefly Star Wars Droid Backpack

Star Wars Droid Mini Backpack by Loungefly - Pop Shop Gift Guide

This mini Star Wars backpack is adorable with the droids sketched right on the front pocket. I’m a sucker for a cute backpack, plus this is the perfect companion to bring when visiting Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

Sleeping Beauty Storybook Clutch

Sleeping Beauty Storybook Clutch - Pop Shop Gift Guide

I LOVE THIS! Movie replicas and merch that LOOK like movie replicas get me giddy.

That’s why I love this Sleeping Beauty Storybook Clutch.

In the opening scene of the 1959 film, we dive into a beautifully jeweled storybook of Sleeping Beauty.

Now that storybook is transformed into a cute clutch

Jim and Pam Wall Painting

The Office Jim and Pam Wall Painting - Pop Shop Gift Guide

The original Jim and Pam painting was made by Michael Scott from Dunder Mifflin. 

He gives this as a gift to Jim and Pam for their wedding. But now you can gift this iconic painting to a fan of The Office!

Power Ranger Sun Shade

Power Ranger Accordion Sunshade- Pop Shop Gift Guide

A pop culture sun shade is always fun to see.

I’ve seen the Millennium Falcon sunshade and the Spongebob sunshade, but this Power Ranger shade is nostalgic and rad. T

Stranger Things Dustin Chia Pet

Stranger Things Dustin Chia Pet - Pop Shop Gift Guide

To me, the best Chia Pets are the ones that replace the characters hair with the plant. 

This Stranger Things Dustin Chia Pet does that perfectly, making his long hair is made of Chia. 

Other quality Chia Pets include The Golden Girls, Bob Ross, and The Karate Kid.

A Die Hard Christmas Gift Set

Die Harch Gift Set - Pop Shop Gift Guide

I stumbled upon pop culture children’s books a couple years ago. 

One of those included the illustrated children’s book of Die Hard. 

This year I stumbled upon A Die Hard Christmas Gift Set which features that book and also a plush of John McClane.

From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg’s Kitchen

Snoop Dogg Cook Book - Pop Shop Gift Guide

Cook it up in the kitchen with Snoop Dogg and his collection of 50 recipes.

Learn how to make Easy Orange Chicken, Fried Bologna Sandwiches, and Lobster Thermidor.

Haus Labs 

Haus Labs - Pop Shop Gift Guide

This year Lady Gaga launched her makeup line, Haus Labs.

As expected, her makeup is full of glitz and glam. She has even launched a Holiday Collection just in time for the giving season. 

Be sure to check it out!

Disney Classic Games

Disney Classic Games - Pop Shop Gift Guide

Remember the Aladdin and Lion King video games we used to play? Well the obsessive nostalgia case strikes again in our favor! Those Disney Classic games were relaunched for today’s gaming consoles including Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.


Santa C3PO

Santa C3PO - Pop Shop Gift Guide

Standing at 3.8 inches tall, Threepio is wearing a Santa suit and hat with mistletoe on the front left. He also has a Santa beard in his hand as if he was about to put it on or take it off.

Not only is Santa C3PO super adorable as a Funko Pop, but he’s a bobble head too which makes him even more jolly!

Disney VHS Case Clutch

Toy Story VHS Case Clutch - Pop Shop Gift Guide

You’ve probably seen the VHS Case journals, but now Disney is making those beloved VHS cases into clutches! 

My personal favorite, and of course this is totally biased, is Toy Story. But the Lady and the Tramp and Lilo and Stitch clutches are just as cute! 

These wristlets are brand new and are just $25. But you can save 20% off with shopDisney’s Black Friday coupon code!

Disney Animators’ Ursula

Disney Animators' Ursula - Pop Shop Gift Guide

The Disney Animators’ Collection has added two brand new dolls, Maleficent and Ursula. 

However, I am sad to report that Maleficent is SOLD OUT! But on the bright side Ursula is still available!

Ursula and Maleficent are the first villains you can purchase from the Disney Animators’ Collection.

Star Wars Barbie Dolls

The folks at Mattel and Lucasfilm teamed up to create three new Barbie dolls that are out of this world in honor of Star Wars: A New Hope!

The collaboration puts a fashionable take on a few iconic characters–Darth Vader, R2D2, and Princess Leia.

Genie Lamp Teapot 

Genie Lamp Teapot - Pop Shop Gift Guide

Rub the lamp and the Genie will come out. Heat the lamp with water inside and then you will have tea!

Whether its a genie or tea, both may be a helpful companion throughout your day.

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