MTV Moon Person: A Brief History and the Latest Funko Pop

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I’d like to thank my mom and dad, the folks at Funko who always know what they’re doing, MTV, and of course, GOD!

Did I get this whole acceptance speech thing right?!

Before we get into the details of the latest Funko Pop, I’d like to discuss a brief history of the Moon Person.

Brief History of MTV Moon Person

MTV Moonman 1981
MTV Moonman 1981

The MTV Moon Person, formerly known as the Moonman, was born in 1981, by graphic designers Pat Gorman, Frank Olinsky, and Patti Rogoff. They designed the MTV logo too.

The designers from Manhattan Design got the idea of an astronaut holding the MTV logo flag, and placing it on the moon, claiming uncharted territory.

“We thought, ‘We’re like the guys landing on the moon and claiming it. We claim this land for music,’” Gorman said. “The thing about music is, there’s always something happening that’s the next thing. There’s always something new. MTV was claiming that. The Moonman claims all of that: what has happened and what will become in music.”

They launched the announcement of the Moonman the same day MTV launched in August 1981. 

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The video released for this historic announcement showed Apollo 11 blasting off and an astronaut placing the MTV logo flag on the moon. From then on this would be the symbol of winning an MTV Award. 

In 2017, Chris McCarthy, the president of MTV, announced that the trophy will be called the MTV Moon Person instead.

MTV Moon Person Funko Pop

The MTV Moon Person was given to many legends like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Nirvana, Guns N’ Roses and so much more.

Now YOU can be the owner of MTV’s Moon Person thanks to Funko Pop!

The MTV Moon Person figure was launched a week ago and is just $10.99 on Amazon (price may change over time).

This Pop is definitely one of my favorites now because it represents the legendary musicians who’ve won, and witnessed some notable pop culture moments.

Like that time David Bowie, The Beatles and director Richard Lester received the very first Video Vanguard Award.

Own a Moon Person Funko Pop yourself or gift it to the musician in your life for the holidays!

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