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If it’s ever back in stock this post will be updated again, PINKY PROMISE.

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The Krampus on the Mantle is watching you. Beware, because he “won’t cut you any slack. If you’re acting naughty he’s going to attack.”

The myth of Santa’s horned helperis basically adjacent to Saint Nick. He is sent to those who are on the naughty list. You can tell he’s coming by the sound of his bells and chains jingling all the way. Instead of leaving you a lump of coal, he’ll be sure to drag you to hell in his gigantic Santa sack.

Bundled up in a red and white coat, Krampus sits upon your fireplace, shelf, or whatever creative placement you can find for him.

He has his long, straight, off-white beard on his demonic face.

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In the 2015 film Krampus makes a terrifying visit to the Engel family. Max Engel, the son of Tom and Sara has some slight doubt on Christmas being good this year because of everyone being too busy for old holiday traditions. Plus, his obnoxious extended family members will be staying with them on Christmas Eve. 

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When he writes a letter to Santa, wishing good for his dysfunctional family, he angrily rips it up and throws it out the window.

This lead to the hellish visit of Gruss Vom Krampus.

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As the story intensely progresses, Max learns to be grateful for what he has, even if it’s not ideal. Now krampus keeps his tabs on the Engel family to make sure Max doesn’t slip up again.

A useful life lesson taught by the Christmas Demon himself. 

Krampus on the Mantle, the parody of the iconic Elf on the Shelf, can be a good reminder of being grateful for what you do have this holiday season. 

Plus, if you have kids, it’s more edgy to keep them in check with a Santa demon than a cutesy little elf, amirite?!

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