Santa C3PO: A New Hope for My Christmas Funko Collection

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Santa C3PO Pop Shop
Santa C3PO @ Pop Shop

The Santa C3PO Funko Pop is my first Christmas Pop in my collection. 

This is a Pop I’ve wanted to get for a while, and a collection I’ve been wanting to start, so I FINALLY am.

My plan is set them out every year for pop culture Christmas décor.

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Standing at 3.8 inches tall, Threepio is wearing a Santa suit and hat with mistletoe on the front left. He also has a Santa beard in his hand as if he was about to put it on or take it off. 

This pop is slightly taller than your average sized pop because of the mini Star Wars pedestal he’s on. 

Not only is Santa C3PO super adorable as a Funko Pop, but he’s a bobble head too which makes him even more jolly!

I’m definitely stoked that he’s my first Christmas Pop!

Since this is my favorite holiday, I’ll for sure be buying more holiday Pops to display during the holiday season *cough *cough* I’m lookin’ at you Chewie!

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