Horror Geeki Tikis: Here are 10 to Check Out

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Geeki Tikis have official licensed merch from brands like Star Wars, Rick and Morty, Marvel, Game of Thrones, and so much more.

For the Halloween season, Beeline Creative has launched 10 new horror Geeki Tikis for fans to geek out over.

The Geeki Tiki is one of the most unique pop culture collectibles I’ve seen.

You can always tell what they are by the collaboration of pop culture icons and the traditional style of tikis. Even though the tiki’s are made of ceramic, they stay true to the wooden style in their designs.

Plus, they have a dual purpose!

You can of course display them as a collectible but they are cups. So enjoy your favorite beverage in them or store pens and pencils in them at your desk.

“Geeki Tikis is the only line of drinkware that combines pop culture’s most beloved characters with the unique stylization seen in traditional tiki culture,” wrote Brandon, the president and “big kahuna” of the company has stated.

Here are the 10 horror Geeki Tikis out now!


Ghostface Geeki Tiki

This Geeki Tiki is one of my favorites. I like how its so recognizable and I think the mask just works with the tiki style.

This tiki is nicely detailed and includes a knife in his hand.

Ghostface is featured in Pop Shop’s Instagram giveaway.

If you’re feeling lucky, enter for a chance to win!


Leatherface Geeki Tiki

From Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Geeki Tiki has embodied Leatherface really nicely.

They did a nice job of portraying a flesh mask on Thomas Hewitt. But it wouldn’t be leatheface if they didn’t include his chainsaw!

Michael Myers

Michael Myers Geeki Tiki

Another one of my favorites, and another recognizable figure, the Michael Myers Geeki Tiki includes his iconic mask, knife, and even blood splatter.

I liked that they chose to use blue coloring as it represents his janitor like suit.


Pennywise Geeki TIki

This Geeki Tiki of Pennywise is extremely well done.

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The red lines give a bloody feel but that’s not even the best part. His hair is done just like how it is in the movie.

And his toothy smile is giving the right amount of creepy vibes Pennywise gives, and his costume is true to character.


Annabelle Geeki Tiki

Not my favorite of the bunch, but the detailing on this Tiki is still incredible.

She has her braids, and devilish face. I do wish her coloring was different since we’ve seen this already with Pennywise.

The Nun


This Geeki Tiki of The Nun is a little less terrifying than the movie character, but she’s still one of the most recognizable horror characters.

*whispers* I almost wish they made her mouth and eyes black! But that’s okay.

Either way, having her in your horror collection is a must, no matter what you think of ‘The Nun’ film!


Pinhead Geeki Tiki

Pinhead looks GREAT as a Tiki.

I can’t imagine this character being easy to design as a tiki but they really pulled it off.

Pinhead has his menacing smile and puzzle box in hand. Although there aren’t actual pins sticking out, they made it work.

Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees Geeki Tiki

Painted with mostly olive green and a white hockey mask, this Jason Voorhees tiki is a great representation of the character.

Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger Geeki Tiki

The details on the Freddy Krueger Tiki are exquisite. To capture the burn scars on his face they used swirl markings which I think makes sense when sculpting with “wood.”

His nightmarish smile and creepy eyes are enough to creep me out.

I like that his claw is defined with gray paint but I do wish he was multicolored like Jigsaw.


Beetlejuice Geeki Tiki

Finally the last of the horror Geeki Tikis, a ceramic glass of Beetlejuice coming right up!

This tiki of the mischevous ghost is in theme with his iconic black and white suit. The rest of the tiki is colored white but with black accents and markings.

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