Pop Shop Style Guide: “Insides Out”

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In honor of spooky season, here is a horror themed shirt in a casual and edgy look! I call it “Insides Out” because of the Inside Out parody going on.

"Insides Out" Style Guide

This shirt by artist PrimePremme on TeePublic is a parody of the Inside Out characters as classic horror characters.

"Insides Out" shirt on TeePublic

The “Insides Out” t-shirt features Anger as Freddy Kruger, Sadness as Jason Voorhees, Joy as Chucky, Disgust as Michael Myers and Fear as Leatherface.

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On TeePublic, you can choose the style and color of the shirt. For this look, I chose a women’s classic relaxed fit t-shirt.

I chose asphalt color so that the skirt and top wouldn’t clash in color.

The buckle skater skirt by Tripp is from Hot Topic. It’s 16 inches in length and can be worn as a high-rise.

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I recommend the relaxed fit tee because you will be able to tuck it into the skirt. That way the belts won’t be covered. Or, you can totally go for the curvy t-shirt in charcoal heather.

To perfectly match the color on the shirt and also the edginess of this look, it makes total sense to rock Doc Martens–maroon Doc Martens to be exact.

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