7 ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Figures from The World of Miss Mindy

This is Halloween in the World of Miss Mindy and her Nightmare Before Christmas collection is just to die for.

These figures that are handmade by Miss Mindy herself are perfect additions to your Halloween décor.

Miss Mindy is the mastermind behind her cute eccentric take on pop culture characters. She has many other collections that include Wizard of Oz, Disney Princesses, and Mickey and Friends.

She creates her figures inside her home studio with her supportive husband and their “bilingual circus dog, Radio.”

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A lot of her work consists of vibrant colors and big eyes. The paint jobs on each figure really sets her figures apart from other collectible competitors. You can just tell which figures were made by Miss Mindy.

Most of her Nightmare Before Christmas figures consist of Jack and Sally and a newly added Oogie Boogie figure.

1. Sally Miss Mindy Statue

Sally Nightmare Before Christmas Miss Mindy
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This six inch statue is of Sally sitting on a closed jar of “Deadly Night Shade.” In proper Miss Mindy fashion, her big eyes are staring off to the side. She has a big black and yellow bow with a skull to hold the bow together. That was a creative addition along with a red and white swirly lollipop.

Since this is a statue and not a vinyl figure, as it’s made of polyresin and calcium carbonate.

This statue pairs well with the Jack Skellingtion statue which I’m going to get into next!

2. Jack Skellington Miss Mindy Statue

Jack Statue Nightmare Before Christmas Miss Mindy
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The Pumpkin King sits on a pumpkin in a criss-cross-apple-sauce position in this seven inch Jack Skellington statue.

The eyes on each Jack Skellington Miss Mindy figure really tugs on your heart string. I just think he is so adorable!

Even the pumpkin’s spooky face is wicked cute.

His pose is a great way to incorporate the pumpkin The umbrella and mini top hat are wonderful additions to this statue.

3. Sally Miss Mindy Vinyl Figure

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Moving on from the statues to vinyl figures, here is little Miss Sally again. In this figure she is holding a Jack Skellington trick or treat bucket giving us some serious Halloween vibes.

Her outfit is the similar to her movie costume but upgraded with puffy sleeves and her dress is tied in the back with a bow that is similar to Jack’s bowtie. It’s held together with Scary Teddy’s face.

4. Jack Skellington with Zero Miss Mindy Vinyl Figure

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This adorable figure of Jack features his ghost dog Zero! “Isn’t that wonderful? It couldn’t be more wonderful!”

He is wearing his iconic suit with a top hat to match that are both embellished with skulls. This time his big adorable eyes are winking which really just makes my heart flutter.

And because he’s the Pumpkin King, it’s only right for him to be holding a small pumpkin in his hand.

Zero also has a Miss Mindy touch with those big eyes.

5. Sally Miss Mindy Figure Holiday Edition

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There’s a lot of really cool things about to share about the next two figures.

This Sally figure was featured in the Disney Showcase convention. She looks very similar to the other vinyl figure of her but there are some different characteristics indeed!

This seven inch Sally figure glows-in-the-dark! And because she’s a “Holiday Edition”, a Christmas embellishment was added. The mistletoe beret in her hair.

Also, she comes with a Miss Mindy version of a Scary Teddy figure that also glows in the dark.

One of the cool things about this figure is that it can be used as Halloween AND Christmas décor.

6. Jack Skellington Miss Mindy Holiday Edition

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The Holiday Edition of Jack Skellington also glows in the dark and has Christmas additions.

In this figure from the Disney Showcase, Jack is holding a Christmas gift and is accompanied with Evil Ducky.

When he glows, his head and duck are illuminated with green light. And it also adds more shimmer to an already glittered bowtie.

Like I said before, these Holiday Edition figured can be used for both Halloween and Christmas.

7. Oogie Boogie Miss Mindy Vinyl Figure

Oogie Boogie Nightmare Before Christmas Miss Mindy Figure
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Only Miss Mindy can take a repulsive character and make him look adorable!

Oogie Boogie is painted a vibrant green color and is given a scrunchy looking face. He has a creepy spider crawling down the back of his head.

Miss Mindy added a blue bowtie decorated with painted on skulls spades and diamonds and is wearing a cape that has an 8-ball painted on it.

With him he has his dice and slithering black and white snake.

Unfortunately, this Oogie Boogie figure isn’t available until January. But on the bright side, you can pre-order it now and have him for the Spooky Season 2020!

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