Star Wars Barbie Dolls: A Fashionable Take on Iconic Characters

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Star Wars Barbie
Source: Mattel

The folks at Mattel and Lucasfilm teamed up to create three new Barbie dolls that are out of this world in honor of Star Wars: A New Hope!

The collaboration puts a fashionable take on a few iconic characters–Darth Vader, R2D2, and Princess Leia.

They are all suited up with accessories that appropriately represent each character.

They are definitely worth getting into if you’re a Star Wars fan, Barbie fan or both.

Right now the retail price for each doll is $100. This may change once they’re on the market and folks begin to resell them for a higher price.

Each doll is available to pre-order and set to ship in November.

Princess Leia Star Wars Barbie

As one of the greatest leaders in the Rebel Alliance, everyone knows Princess Leia is a symbol of women empowerment. So, it’s only right for her new look to embody just that.

Traditionally a princess wears a beautiful gown and that’s what the folks at Mattel gave her. They upgraded her simple white dress to a bold white gown. This new look features floor length sleeves, a silver peplum belt, jewelry and a clutch to match.

Now she wouldn’t be Leia without her signature double bun hairdo. Designer Robert Best added braids and lowered the buns.

The clutch that Princess Leia is holding is worth noting. It’s a circular clutch with the Rebel Alliance symbol branded right on it. The shape of the clutch compliments the symbol perfectly.

Star Wars Barbie Princess Leia Clutch
Source: Mattel

The knee high strappy white heels definitely make a statement and are the cherry on top to an already bold look.

R2-D2 Star Wars Barbie

Star Wars Barbie R2-D2
R2-D2 Star Wars Barbie Doll
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R2-D2 was a reliable and resourceful droid, but he was also lovable and playful. This fashionable take on R2 is definitely playful and worth loving.

The bomber jacket and dome skirt are a perfect way to embody R2-D2 through fashion.

The blue hair is a perfect touch and works really well with this look.

Doll designer Robert Best even included a homage to R2’s radar eye with a blue square painted around her right eye.

“Barbie doll’s hair and make-up firstly are a fun, subtle nod to the signature shapes and colors that fans of R2-D2 will recognize” said Robert Best in an interview.

R2-D2 Radar Eye

Also, I love the shimmery tights under the white high boots.

Darth Vader Star Wars Barbie

If looks could kill, this doll would be deadly.

Out of the whole collection, the Darth Vader Barbie doll is my favorite.

Darth Vader’s Sith armor is captured beautifully from head to toe in shiny black pleather. The peplum style corset top embodies armor nicely.

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The cape is absolutely necessary for a Darth Vader themed outfit. The black bob haircut and bold sunglasses is a nice way to fashionably represent Vader’s helmet.

Under the eye glasses is a shimmery smoky eye completed with a bold wing.

Darth Vader Eye Makeup

Robert Best explained what it was like taking Vader’s movie suit of “life-supporting armor and cybernetics” and turning it into couture.

“While these details are interesting and relevant to the characters in the narrative related to the films, when you’re creating a look “inspired by,” the purpose is to capture the essence of the character and include notable details. Then, it becomes more about what the costume and its narrative purpose represents emotionally, and finding a way to convey that through fashion.”

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