Jurassic World Uno Attack: The Funnest Dinosaur Attack

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Be prepared to be attacked by a raging Dilophosaurus. Kidding, but not really. Jurassic World Uno Attack is fun, thrilling and will most likely entertain you for hours.

This version is just as fun as the original but way cooler. I mean, it’s a dino head! That spits out cards! 

Plus, if you’re a fan of the Jurassic Park franchise, or dinosaur fan in general, add this game to your cart NOW.

Mattel released this game back in March 2018 but I just got around to playing it this summer. I didn’t even know it was a thing, but boy am I glad it is.

I hadn’t played Uno Attack in years, and when my cousin asked if we wanted to play I was pretty pumped. 

Then she whipped out the Dilophosaurus head with cards in its mouth, I was in awe! But then again, I wasn’t surprised she had this, considering her love for dinosaurs and Jurassic Park.

In this ferocious game, the Dilophosaurus spits a bunch of cards whenever a player needs to “draw cards.” 

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To do this, you need to press down on the dino’s snout. In some cases, he may be nice and not spit out any cards, other times he will spit out an annoying amount! But, just remember it’s all in good fun.

Jurassic World Uno Attack also comes with a new “Attack Attack” card. When a player puts this card down onto the pile then the next player is the one who has to be attacked with cards.

Some reviews of this game pointed out design flaws in the mouth of the dino that may prevent cards from spitting out to their full potential. But honestly, there weren’t any issues during our game.

Other things you should know:

This game requires three C batteries that are sold separately.

Cards are included, but they are not Jurassic themed! If you wanted to get those, they do exist and can be bought separately as well.

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