The Lisa Frank and SpongeBob Collab from Hot Topic

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Lisa Frank AND SpongeBob? Millennials rejoice. The two most impactful pop culture icons have joined forces in taking our money.


Hot Topic released this collab and it’s way more than something I could have imagine.

Lisa Frank was the staple in 90s pop culture history and thank the Universe that it has made a long awaited comeback.


Then you have SpongeBob. Who has been around since we were in grade school and CONTINUES to thrive. So why not come up with this dynamic duo?!

I had to partake in this phenomena. As the former owner of a Lisa Frank leopard trapper keeper, my inner child was eager to make this purchase.

This shirt is VIBRANT. Could you expect anything less from Lisa Frank? Of course not.

The design is classic and original. SpongeBob looks adorable with his gazing eyes, and he got a touch of Lisa Frank love. He has a glistening glow of pink on his yellow skin.

The crabby patty is more vibrant, and stacked to perfection, which keeps the Lisa Frank theme in tact and Mr. Krabs happy.

The design is complete with the iconic Lisa Frank font. But the fun doesn’t stop there!

SpongeBob and the crabby patty are on an eccentric spiral tie-dye shirt. Baby blue, pastel yellow, lime green and pink coordinate well with the design.

The t-shirt is made of 100% cotton so wash with cold water and tumble dry low.

This shirt is a women’s size so it is more fitted than unisex. I recommend getting a size up if you prefer t-shirts to be bigger. Also be sure to consider that a 100% cotton shirt is likely to shrink a bit in the dryer.

Lisa Frank X SpongeBob SquarePants Krabby Patty Tie Dye Girls T-Shirt Hot Topic Exclusive


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You didn’t think Hot Topic was gonna release just ONE t-shirt for this collab, did ya?

Here are three more t-shirts, one pajama set, and a dad cap!

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