Interactive Woody and Buzz Dolls That Drop on Command

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Toy Story 3

Remember back in the day when the Toy Story replicas were all the rage? Woody had his pull-string that actually worked and Buzz had the same exact functioning buttons as the movie.

Well, if you told me that in the future we will be living in a world where those toys evolved and RESPONDED to you, I would have called you crazy but GENIUS.

Turns out that today, in the year of 2019 at almost 25-years-old, I am absolutely geeking out over these interactive Woody and Buzz dolls!

In honor of Toy Story 4, Thinkway Toys released new Woody and Buzz dolls that DROP when you shout “SOMEONE’S COMING!”

After they fall over, they ask for help back up!

The highly responsive Toy Story 4 dolls respond to other voice commands such as:

“Hello, buddy!”

“Quiet. Go to sleep.”

“Okay. No one’s here.”

They each have over 70 different sayings when you press their chests.

Below is a brief video of these guys in action, shared from Twitter user @Mousesteps:

I am completely losing my mind over this! It’s like a childhood dream come true.

Woody and Buzz are in stock and sold separately on Amazon! And don’t forget to see Toy Story 4 in theaters June 20th!

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