Funko Pop: Goose (Flerken) Review


After waiting ever so patiently since pre-ordering Funko’s Goose (Flerken) Pop about a month ago, I’ve finally received it!

When I first saw Goose showing off her Flerken-like behavior and also holding onto the tesseract (which glows in the dark) all in one Funko Pop, I immediately needed to buy it.

I ordered Goose on Entertainment Earth, and because this Pop is a “chase,” two options are sent out–one with the tentacles and tesseract completely exposed, and the other with just the tentacles hanging out of her mouth as if she just took a large bite of a whole octopus.

Either one was cool with me so I placed the order. It was only $10.99!

Weeks later and I’m finally the beholder of the feline alien.

About Goose

Goose became the show stealer in Captain Marvel and a vital character in how the movie ended. She helped in the fight against the Kree and is the protector of the tesseract.

We got to know Goose, the deadliest alien in the MCU, pretty well throughout the movie. After all, he wasn’t just a cat like Nick Fury thought. In fact, Goose shot tentacles out of her mouth while Fury was holding her.

Startling him and the audience, it was confirmed that a Flerken is more than just a cat.

What You Should Know:

I love my new Funko Pop, however I’m pretty bummed out about a minor annoyance.

I was hoping to display Goose out of the box to show off her unique characteristics but I’m not sure if I can.

This Funko Pop is also a bobble head and since its top heavy, Goose easily falls over. The only way it stays still is if it’s strategically displayed with the bottom tentacle holding it up.

I wish it wasn’t a bobble head so it would be less likely to topple over.

If you plan on purchasing this Pop, consider this warning.

Other than that, I’m excited to add this to my Pop collection!


Captain Marvel Goose Pop! Vinyl Figure

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