Maisie Williams Wins April Fools

by Alie Leone

Last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Maisie Williams was discussing the final season of Game of Thrones, which premieres in less than two weeks!

We’ve anxiously waited two years for this season and are still betting on how the iconic series is going to end.

Maisie got to talking about her final days as Arya Stark and revealed something BIG.

“When I found out Arya died in the second episode…” Maisie, Jimmy, and probably the rest of the world were SHOOK.

In a panic, Maisie covers her mouth, looks around, then looks at Jimmy. She begins trembling.

“Is this live?” She asks. “We can edit that out.”

Maisie is literally shaking at this point.

Still panicking, she rushes off stage. Jimmy Fallon is at a loss but then goes after her.

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He gets her out from behind the curtain, and in unison, they shout “APRIL FOOLS!”

It’s safe to say that she got me for a moment. Her acting was top notch, to the point where I forgot it was April Fools, thought this was real and felt bad for her.

While we don’t know if Arya is the winner of the Iron Throne, we do know that Maisie is the winner of April Fools!

Watch the prank here:

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