Why “Saving Mr. Banks” Is Underrated

Walt Disney Studios / Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

After wondering why no one ever talked about the movie “Saving Mr Banks” in over five years, I’ve finally found my answer on it lacking so much praise.

While the movie made me feel as joyous as P.L. Travers felt in the end of the film, the movie is simply inaccurate. *insert a million broken heart emojis here*

“Saving Mr Banks” is the story of Walt Disney and writer P. L. Travers’ relationship and the making of Mary Poppins.

As depicted in the film, the process was no walk down Main Street USA. The movie got this part of their relationship right, however, it is the ending that was completely botched.

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After P. L. Travers attended the “Mary Poppins” premiere at the Chinese Theater (like portrayed in “Saving Mr Banks”) she is swooning over the film. Scorning at the corny parts, of course, but falling completely in love with it at the end. She even cried tears of joy.

However, in real life, the story does end with tears…but not happy ones.

P.L travers hated Disney’s rendition of “Mary Poppins,” and asked Walt Disney when should they begin to cut it.

Out of cleverness, Mr. Disney expressed that she only had script approval rights, and not film editing rights. So the movie was staying as is for the world to see.

She was mortified and felt the film completely butchered the true essence of the tale of Mary Poppins.

Now without knowing any of this backstory I thought “Saving Mr. Banks” was a heartwarming delight. It still is if you want to take the movie as it is.

The flashbacks in the film paralleled beautifully with the present, which made it easy for the audience to realize that Mary Poppins was based off of P.L Travers life.

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