Funko’s Hot Topic Girl

“Hey guys, welcome to Hot Topic!” she says, as customers walk in, eager to spend money on Funko Pops–including Hot Topic Girl!

This Hot Topic exclusive Pop that mimics the epitome of a Hot Topic female employee is now available.

She rocks turquoise hair, winged eye makeup, tattoo sleeves. Her out fit is and a casual powdered pink skirt with a black t-shirt, black leggings and ballet flats.

Funko Pop! Hot Topic Girl Vinyl Figure Hot Topic Exclusive

Hot Topic Girl pairs well with Funko’s Hot Topic Guy–which was released in 2014 to celebrate Hot Topic’s 25th Anniversary.

Hot Topic Guy is now considered rare and is valued at $95, but if you already have him, then Hot Topic Girl will complete your collection!

Whether you are a Hot Topic employee yourself, or just a Hot Topic consumer looking to spend your Hot Cash, show your love to the iconic pop culture store with this Pop.

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