SHOP THE LOOK: Coraline Jones

Let Halloween night be an alternate reality that you can’t resist venturing off to like Coraline.

All this costume takes is simple everyday clothing and a blue wig.

Coraline Jones wears a yellow raincoat with yellow rainboots to match, and jeggings. You can’t forget about her blue short hair which is the cherry on top to this simple costume.


This 48-inch long yellow raincoat comes in sizes beginning with medium and goes up to 3X.



For this costume, I suggested leggings only because I find them to be more comfortable and they will fit nicely into the rainboots. You can also pull off the same look with skinny jeans.


These classic yellow rainboots are 13 inches in height. They come in sizes beginning from women’s US 6 to 11.


This blue wig is a 12 inch bob, and the size in circumference is 20 to 21 inches.

If you want to take this costume up a notch, follow this make up tutorial of YouTuber, Freakshow FX creating Coraline’s button eyes!

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