FUNKO DISNEY TREASURES: My Favorite Part of the Disney Treasures Villains Box

Last month, we shared what was inside of Funko’s Disney Treasures, and while all that is cool to know, I figured I’d include my opinion this time around.

For those of you who don’t know, Hot Topic and Funko have decided to release Disney Treasures together. Now this means you can purchase these in store or online, instead of signing up for a subscription on Funko’s website.

The July release was sea themed and it contained things from Finding Nemo, Moana and The Little Mermaid.

The August Funko Disney Treasure goes from under the sea to on board the Jolly Roger!

Each Disney Treasures Box tries to include a variety of Funko products including pens, keychains and minis.

Since this month’s theme is villainous, the main attraction of this box is the Funko Movie Moment of Captain Hook nearly being chomped by the croc, Tick-Tock.

Next on the list we have a Funko Mini of the Evil Queen as the old witch, y’know, the one who convinces Snow White to eat the poison apple.

To keep up with the theme, the Pocket Pop keychain was of Diablo, AKA Maleficent’s crow and loyal companion.

And finally, my unpopular opinion and favorite part of the box…. a pen that’s topped with Jafar as. the. red. genie.


Unpopular Opinion Explained

What I do like about this box is that it’s not the usual villains you’d expect. I think it’s fair to say that Disney Villains products are usually of the ones you always see–Maleficent, Ursula, Scar, Hades and Cruela De Vil.

I like that this box expanded to other villainous characters, especially their alter egos. Like they didn’t just toss in the Evil Queen and Jafar, they went with the old witch and red genie which, in my opinion, are more evil anyway.

This is why I think the pen is my favorite of the bunch. I think Jafar is forgotten as a Disney Villain, especially when he turns into a genie in the Aladdin sequel, “The Return of Jafar” (also an underrated Disney film). I know that they already have him as a Pop, and the Captain Hook movie moment is brand new, I just think the pen is awesome.

While I do appreciate a good Funko Movie Moment, like Hook vs. Tick Tock, I do have a soft spot for Jafar as a character! Either way this box rocks.

Funko Disney Treasures boxes are limited edition so if you’re interested in one, act quickly!


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