“Untamed T-Rex” Are Out Now

That’s right everyone, first we had ferocious Untamed Raptors on our hands, now we have Untamed T-Rex!

A couple months ago Pop Shop ran a giveaway contest on WowWee’s Untamed Raptors. Remember?

They are designed like Fingerlings, holding on to your finger for dear life, and interactive.

If your raptor was “untamed” he would show signs of irritability by roaring and chomping. To tame the you would need to show them love and either pat his head or snout to feel at ease.

Now WowWee has released four brand new T-Rex and their names are as badass as they are! These T-Rex have similar characteristics as raptors but naturally, are physically different.


Ironjaw has the strength to chomp on metal so keeping him trapped is just a waste of time! He’s bright blue with devil red eyes and has white accents on his head, down his back and around his eyes. His tail is completely white too.



One of the quirky things about these dino’s is that they love to relieve gas! Ripsaw is notorious for letting one rip! He’s Flammin’ Cheeto red, accented with yellow around his eyes, and has transparent spikes down his back.



Don’t worry, Scratch isn’t named that because he loves to scratch at you, but his favorite thing is when you itch his sweet spots. Treat this orange little guy to a nose or head itch any time you can!



Tracker, green/gray one loves to keep his eyes on the prowl and always on the hunt! But he will stay loyal to you as long as you love him.


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