“Cards Against Muggles” Is What All the Potterheads Are Playing

You probably have heard of “Cards Against Humanity,” but have you heard of Cards Against…MUGGLES?!

That’s right, Harry Potter fans, you can now combine the world’s most popular adult game with the thing you love–HARRY POTTER!

“Cards Against Muggles” is pretty much the same as Cards Against Humanity only it’s loaded with Harry Potter references. For those of you who are not familiar with Cards Against Humanity, here’s how to play! Trust me, it’s easier than learning a new spell.

One person begins as the Cardster and reveals one black card with a phrase that is obviously Harry Potter related by reading it out loud. Everyone else playing must select a white card out of the 10 they are given that best suits the black card.

Once each member has picked, the Cardster must pick their favorite one after shuffling the different answers.

This game usually goes for a list price of $80 but is on sale for just $49.98!

When you purchase this game, you get a box of 1359 cards containing 989 durable white cards and 369 durable black cards. It’s safe to say that this game could last you longer than your Hogwarts career.

Cards Against Muggles can entertain a group of 4 to 20 muggles for about 30 to 90 minutes.


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