THROWBACK THURSDAY: Did Ross Cheat on Rachel?

Warner Bros. Studios / Friends

It’s 1997 again, the very beginning of the “WE WERE ON A BREAK!” fiasco lead by Ross Geller. But did we ever really get a final answer to whether Ross cheated on Rachel or not?

To refresh your memory in case you haven’t been able to catch the constant “Friends” reruns, the story goes like this.

Rachel met this dude Mark Robinson who was set on helping Rachel get a job in the fashion industry. Ross became annoyingly jealous and insisted it was because Mark was just trying to get with Rachel.

After getting into several fights about it, Rachel suggests that her and Ross should take a break from their relationship. Ross storms out and goes out to a bar with Chandler and Joey.

Ross meets this girl known as “the hot copy girl,” Chloe. They slow dance and then end up spending the night with each other. The next morning Rachel comes to her senses and calls Ross to reconcile (while the hot copy girl is still there.)

Now just over 20 years later, do you in-fact believe that Ross cheated on Rachel? Or was it fair game?

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