The Iron Giant Vinimates Vinyl Figure is Here, Just in Time For the “Ready Player One” Movie Premiere

Iron Giant Vinyl Figure / “Ready Player One”

Steven Spielberg brings Ernest Cline’s “Ready Player One” to the big screen and Vinimates launched a new vinyl figure of “The Iron Giant” weeks before the premiere.

The first trailer was released at Comic Con back in July. “The Iron Giant plays a huge role in the movie,” Spielberg said at the convention.

The friendly war machine made its debut to the big screen in his 1999 origin film. It was originally an adaptation of Ted Hughes’ book, “The Iron Man.” The Iron Giant was intended to be a weapon but was reprogrammed when he reached planet Earth. He then became the best friend of Hogarth Hughes.

“Ready Player One” explores the universe of video games, thus resulting in other pop culture cameos including Freddy Kruger and the DeLoreon from “Back to the Future.”

Video game fans alike can admit that it is a way to escape reality which is exactly what Spielberg intends to do with this movie.

This Iron Giant figure, an officially licensed collectible, with metallic paint and glow-in-the-dark eyes, towers at 4 1/2 inches tall. He’s safer than a gun and perfect as your go-to defense mechanism at home or in the office.

Iron Giant Vinyl Vinimates Figure - Exclusive

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