Unpopular Opinion: “Rough Night” Made Me LOL

Source: IGN

(The picture above is my exact reaction to the “Rough Night” reviews.)

When I first saw “Rough Night” I was belly laughing and I mean BELLY LAUGHING. I thought this movie was so incredibly funny but I know a lot of people hated it.

Before seeing the movie, I had the expectation of it being like another “Bridesmaids.” I really had low expectations for it and honestly I was impressed.

“Rough Night” is about a group of girls who have been best friends since college, going away for their best friends bachelorette party. But the story takes a turn when something unexpected happens and the whole time they are trying to fix the problem.

Ilana Glazer (Frankie) and Kate McKinnon (Pipa) attracted me to see “Rough Night” in the first place. Ilana Glazer is one of my favorite comedians and Broad City is in my top favorite shows. Kate McKinnon makes me laugh in anything she’s in. Especially when she makes fun of Justin Bieber on SNL.

Kate Mckinnon is notorious for her impersonations. With this comes her accents. In “Rough Night” she plays an Aussie. In my opinion the Australian accent made everything funnier. For example, “pizzer” is so much funnier when it has an “er” at the end–especially when it comes out in full panic.

A few weeks ago I ran a Twitter poll asking people to vote between “Bridesmaids,” “Rough Night” and “Girls Trip.” The majority voted for “Bridesmaids,” leaving “Girls Trip” in second place and “Rough Night” finishing last with a grand total of eight percent.

I thought my followers were just tasteless so I Google searched “Rough Night” and read reviews on IMDB. Turns out lots of people hated this movie.

Some argued that it’s just like “The Hangover” but worse. Some said that the jokes were unfunny and unoriginal because they made penis jokes, had male strippers, and the typical bachelorette ensemble.

Another person said that the movie was predictable. Which I’m actually going to have to disagree with. I didn’t think this movie was predictable at all. I love that it took an unexpected twist because it turned out to be something unexpected.

While I do agree that some of the jokes were lame cliches, I thought the delivery and acting were on point throughout the entire film.

A few examples of some of the more hysterical parts of the film: The aggression that comes out of Ilana Glazer when she first does cocaine, pretty much anything that comes out of Kate Mckinnon’s mouth with that accent, and the infamous “I killed a guy, I killed a guy today what did you do?!” quote. I understand this movie is certainly not going to hit everyone’s funny bone, I just think the ratings it got were bullshit.

Let me know if you agree, disagree, or simply don’t give a shit.

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