“Get Schwifty” With These Fan Made Rick and Morty Shirts

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Hot Topic teamed up with For Fans By Fans to run a t-shirt contest. Rick and Morty fans had the opportunity to participate in a contest where they would design an image for a graphic tee at Hot Topic.

For those of you who are not familiar with Rick and Morty, it’s an Adult Swim cartoon that’s arguably intelligent and stupid at the same time.

The contest began in September. Ending with four finalists and one lucky winner from Massachusetts, the designs are pretty rad.



Design: Portal Loop

Rick And Morty Portal Loop Girls Raglan Hot Topic Exclusive

Fillermate was one of the three finalists of the contest. His design was inspired by the show’s “detailed and chaotic world.”

One of the things that appeals to Fillermate about the show is the “intricate universe that it creates with the characters and complex story lines.” Oh, and also Mr. Poopy Butthole.

Design: Mega Seeds

Rick And Morty Mega Seeds T-Shirt Hot Topic Exclusive

This designer, Daniel Mackey, based this design off a scene from the pilot episode, “Mega Seeds.” It is the reason why he became interested in the show.

When asked what about the show appeals to her are “the contrast of humor and darker topics.”

Design: Multiverse Select

Rick And Morty Multiverse Select T-Shirt Hot Topic Exclusive

David Cano, AKA Grilled Bacon, was the second place winner of the fan art contest. His design is inspired by vintage video game characters.
“One of the best things of Rick and Morty is the infinite possibilities of the universe.” He said, “Every episode has new characters and new history full of gags. It’s all very crazy and I think people love this.”

Design: Da Vinci Pickle Rick

Rick And Morty Da Vinci Pickle Rick T-Shirt Hot Topic Exclusive

Matheuss Berrant of Maryland created this design because Pickle Rick is one of his favorite things about season 3. He also wanted to create a design in a way he hasn’t seen before.

Everything about Rick and Morty appeals to Matheuss. He finds the concept art wonderful and the characters unique.

“The stories entertain me so much at the same time the develop deep philosophical points of view in really original ways.”


Design: Melted Reality

Rick And Morty Melted Reality T-Shirt Hot Topic Exclusive

And last but not least we have the lucky grand prize winner. Matthew Kuniholm designed “Melted Reality” and became Hot Topic’s Fan Art Grand Prize Winner.

The characters that make up Rick and Morty’s multiverse inspired his design. He chose to have the characters melt together to represent the interactions Rick and Morty have with these “one dimensional” characters.

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