12 Badass Vinyl Record Clocks


These vinyl records have been transformed into something completely new and bad ass.

For decades, vinyl records have been used in other ways besides just listening to them on a record player. They have been used as coasters, melted to form ash trays and candy dishes, or stacked to create a cupcake stand. The possibilities are endless. However, one of the most eye catching crafts on the list are vinyl records as clocks.

These clocks are sometimes hand carved or laser cut by various artists and transformed into masterpieces. The styles range from anywhere basic to extreme. Below is a how-to video on how the hand carved clocks are made.

Here are my favorites!

1. Beauty and the Beast–A Tale as Old as Time

What better way to measure the time of an old tale than with a clock?

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2. Batman and Joker

Incredible detail of the Joker, the Gotham skyline, and Batman on top. I think this piece is fantastic.

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3.  Game of Thrones–Dragon Silhouette

This dragon silhouette appears on Daenerys Targaryen’s banner in Game of Thrones.

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4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

I love this one because I appreciate the defined cut of Jack and Zero along with the silhoutte of Jack and Sally on the top.


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5. Lilo and Stitch

This clock of Nani, Lilo and Stitch surfing fits the clock perfectly! I love that the vinyl takes the shape of the wave.


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6. Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

A tea party with Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the white rabbit on top of a cup of tea. Again, another example of extraordinary detail carved into a record.


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7. Deadpool


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8. Disney Villains

Any Disney fan can appreciate the villains on anything. Especially a vinyl record clock.


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9. Game of Thrones–Mother of Dragons

This vinyl clock features Daenerys’ side profile, a silhouette, and her dragons. It is branded with her well deserved nickname to tie in the essence and theme of this clock.


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10.  Harry Potter and Hogwarts

Potterheads will love this clock of Harry Potter flying over Hogwarts.


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11. Star Wars

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12. The Little Mermaid

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Another beautifully made clock that captures the story and characters of its theme. This little mermaid clock includes Ariel, Prince Eric, Sebastian and Flounder. Click on the link for a closer look!


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