‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Is Actually Better Than ‘Pitch Perfect 2’

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Anytime someone mentioned seeing Pitch Perfect 3, my eyes immediately gazed over. I had no desire to see it because I hated Pitch Perfect 2. I felt it was such a let down.

Obviously we knew that sequel was coming because of how the first film ended but it just felt so forced–especially Fat Amy’s humor. She was awesome in the first movie, but because Rebel Wilson’s character received so much praise, the writers just completely made sure she was extra in any scene she was in. Although this tired humor was in the final movie, Pitch Perfect 3 was the perfect way for the writers to finish what they started.

Throughout the Pitch Perfect trilogy, the Barden Bellas progressed into new stages of their lives. Since only a few graduated in the second movie, this left room for underclassmen to join the group. Since the original Barden Bellas have all graduated in this film, the new faces revamped The Bellas’ look and performances. They were actually very entertaining and their mash ups were superb. In Pitch Perfect 3, directed by Trish Sie, the original Bellas are living their new lives at jobs that they hate and are completely dropping the ball in adulthood.

Becca and Jesse are broken up due to long distance and has moved on to someone else. Skylar Astin, who played Jesse in the previous films, does not appear in the film. Bumper and Fat Amy are still together but he isn’t in it either. This bummed me out because it reminded me that sometimes good relationships don’t last.

The character developments resonated with me. As a senior in college, and someone who always dwells on the past, I felt that I could relate to the girls’ dreadful feeling in my soul.  I hate being an adult and having no direction on where I’m heading. I was ready for the lesson that this movie was about to teach me.

In the movie, the former Barden Bellas receive an invite from the new Barden Bellas to a “reunion.” They assumed they would be performing with them. However, the plan Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) had was for the old crew to see what the new crew has been up to. She didn’t plan on performing with them and the OG Barden Bellas were hit with a reality check.

They realized they are no longer college girls that are part of an extracurricular activity. They were young women who needed to now participate in the real world. But their performing didn’t end just yet.

The movie begins with what appears to be a crime fighting scene. “Is this movie trying to be something it’s not?” is what I originally thought. The Bella’s were singing for some man on a yacht. At this point we had no idea who he was or how The Bella’s even got there. Then, Fat Amy falls from the ceiling and began fighting the bad guys.

Then we are brought to a scene that was apparently weeks prior. We find out that Becca (Anna Kendrick) is a record producer who actually hated her job when faced with a rapper and his horrendous music. She wanted to quit because she couldn’t deal with the lack of creativity this guy had. So she does.

At this point I’m thinking to myself,  “is she really going to give up her dream and end up singing acapella for the rest of her life? I didn’t like where this was going.

Becca and The Bellas reunite for a competition to be DJ Khaled’s opening performance. This takes place at a military base in Barcelona at a United Service Organization tour. We meet new characters including Calamity, portrayed by Ruby Rose. I was excited to see that she was in this but honestly I didn’t think she was anything special. She seemed like she was only in it for a paycheck.

While this is happening, we also meet Fat Amy’s dad. An ex-con who is trying to reconnect with his estranged daughter. She was hesitant on letting him back in her life because he was shady and never kept his word. Plot twist–it turns out he is the bad guy of the film. This I liked because it wasn’t a cliche storyline of a parent reconnecting with their child after time apart and living happily ever after.

When Fat Amy finds out he’s only back for money, she cuts him off. Her dad gets angry and even physical. Enough for two militants to step in. While this is happening, the rest of the girls are at DJ Khaled’s party.

There, Becca’s new love interest, who works for DJ Khaled shows her a studio room and obviously she showcases her talent. Eventually DJ Khaled finds it and listens. He ends up choosing her, and only her, as an opener but she rejected the offer because she didn’t want to leave The Bellas out.

The girls were very supportive of Becca’s potential new gig and expressed how they were done with performing and ready to move on with their lives.

Conflict arises when lured by Fat Amy’s asshole dad for a private performance. Amy wasn’t there because she was busy attempting to defeat her dad from the inside. That’s when she fell from the ceiling in the beginning.

I realize that this movie sounds extremely corny and well deserving of its 31 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes, I felt that this movie was necessary. Everyone’s storylines are happily ended.

Becca pursues her new producing gig. Amy is filthy rich with her dad’s dirty money. Chloe found love and the rest of the girls lived happily ever after too.

Pitch Perfect 3 is available to pre-order.

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