Funny Christmas Sweaters from Amazon

Ugly Christmas sweaters are cool and all, but inappropriate Christmas sweaters are even better. Not all of these sweaters have women sizes but are a unisex fit.

1. When I Think of You I Touch My Elf

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Amazon Fashion has brought you 3 Santas’ Christmas sweaters. The “Touch My Elf” option is a 4-star favorite. Be the center of attention at your next Christmas party with this boss ass sweater.


2. Let’s Get Baked

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Another 3 Santas option. Recieving another set of 4 stars, this Let’s Get Baked Gingerbread Man IS the man.

3. North Swole

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Tipsy Elves has been a popular site when it came time to buy ugly Christmas sweaters. People always rocked their mock up of Kim Kardashian’s photo shoot. 

No matter which option you pick they are both respectfully awesome.

4. Reindeer Climax

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Maybe hold off wearing this sweater around the family due to explicit content. However it is the funniest of the bunch. This sweater comes in 2 different styles, the other is green.  Both are made with soft and high quality acrylic. This sweater is not itchy nor will it shrink

5. Romantic Santa

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Is this the Santa mommy was kissing? Spend one night only with this sweater on that is brought to you by Christmas Ugly Sweater Co.

6. Censored Santa

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This sweater with a censored Santa Claus comes in men’s and women’s sizes. Check out Santa’s buttcheeks on the back!


7. Roasted Chestnuts

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Are these the chestnuts they’ve been singing about all along?

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