Cool Reptar Stuff for Your Inner Rugrat

Halt! Here’s Reptar!

We have a list of Reptar stuff for nostalgic purposes. Know a Rugrat / Reptar fan? Is that person you?  The second most iconic dinosaur (Barney is the first) has the coolest gear on Amazon. And I promise these goodies will leave you fighting with your sibling like Phil and Lil!


1. Reptar Cereal


2. Reptar Bar

It turns your tongue green!

Reptar Bar

 3. Reptar Knit Hat

Keep your head warm this winter with Reptar.

 4. Funko POP Figurines

Add Reptar to your Funko POP Collection.

Funko POP Glow in the Dark Reptar
This one glows in the dark!

5. Reptar Plush Doll

Cuddle up with Reptar, or pass the obsession off to a child you love.

6. Reptar Inflatable Costume

This. Is. Awesome.

7. Reptar Sweatshirts

8. Reptar Socks

9. Reptar Clutch

10. Reptar Bar Clutch

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