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THROWBACK THURSDAY: The History of Beanie Babies

If you were a kid in the 90s, I can guess that Beanie Babies were a part of your life as they were in mine. Between me and my sisters, we collected them and accumulated a good amount of them. Word on the street is that some of these babies are now worth thousands of

15 Disney Figurines by Romero Britto to Fall in Love With

I remember walking down Main Street USA in Disney World last summer, and visiting a shop that had glass and ceramic sculptures. Obviously in tune with the Disney theme, and boy, were they were gorgeous. They had various pieces from many artists. One being the Arribas Bros., which were jeweled figurines that were worth more

12 Badass Vinyl Record Clocks

These vinyl records have been transformed into something completely new and bad ass. For decades, vinyl records have been used in other ways besides just listening to them on a record player. They have been used as coasters, melted to form ash trays and candy dishes, or stacked to create a cupcake stand. The possibilities

Celebrity Prayer Candles That Are Too Good to Ignore

Have you ever seen those prayer candles with saints on them? They’re typically found in churches or at your grandma’s house surrounded by prayer cards and rosary beads. Well now, clever artists have incorporated these candles to pop culture so now, your [insert fav celeb here] shrine can come together.  Lady Gaga Lady Gaga as