Pop Shop’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

  All I want for Christmas is….The Icy Vyserion Plush doll, that Poison Apple Crossbody Bag, the Harley Quinn Doll AND that Oogie Boogie Operation Game! WHEW, that was a mouth full. Pop Shop’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide is here to inspire you and your friend’s wish lists!  Whether you want to add these to

Funko’s Hot Topic Girl

“Hey guys, welcome to Hot Topic!” she says, as customers walk in, eager to spend money on Funko Pops–including Hot Topic Girl! This Hot Topic exclusive Pop that mimics the epitome of a Hot Topic female employee is now available.

Pun Pantry’s Latest Design, Get Your Promo Code

  Hello pop culture lovers! What other things do you love? Perhaps it’s FOOD, or maybe even PUNS. Maybe it’s both! Well, my buddies at Pun Pantry will satisfy your hunger for all three. They combine food and pop culture to make hilarious puns and even better designs!

4 Movies To Buy This Weekend

The weekend calls for some movie nights or even binge watching days. There are four movies that came out within the last few weeks that you should consider buying.

Guest Write for Pop Shop

Pop Shop is looking for guest writers who would like to add content to their portfolios! If you are interested in writing articles that focus on TV, movies, music or anything relevant to pop culture, please email your resume and three writing samples to info@popshopsite.com!

SHOP THE LOOK: Coraline Jones

Let Halloween night be an alternate reality that you can’t resist venturing off to like Coraline. All this costume takes is simple everyday clothing and a blue wig. Coraline Jones wears a yellow raincoat with yellow rainboots to match, and jeggings. You can’t forget about her blue short hair which is the cherry on top