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Pop Shop’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

  All I want for Christmas is….The Icy Vyserion Plush doll, that Poison Apple Crossbody Bag, the Harley Quinn Doll AND that Oogie Boogie Operation Game! WHEW, that was a mouth full. Pop Shop’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide is here to inspire you and your friend’s wish lists!  Whether you want to add these to

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Solve This Jersey Shore Puzzle

It’s t-shirt time guys! This Throwback Thursday Jerzday goes out to the reality show everybody loves, Jersey Shore! In honor of  the Jersey Shore Family Vacation premiere, we are throwing it back to two fist pumping guidos. Solve this puzzle of Vinny and Pauly D during your G-T-L sessions or even while you’re calling a cab.

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Did Ross Cheat on Rachel?

It’s 1997 again, the very beginning of the “WE WERE ON A BREAK!” fiasco lead by Ross Geller. But did we ever really get a final answer to whether Ross cheated on Rachel or not? To refresh your memory in case you haven’t been able to catch the constant “Friends” reruns, the story goes like

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Which Freak or Geek Said This?

Judd Appatow’s “Freaks and Geeks” was an iconic teen-dramedy in 1999. Although the show had a short run, it had a huge impact. The show has been viewed as one of the most influential that properly represents the American teenager. It portrays the challenges and changes  kids face upon entering high school such as giving

Cool Reptar Stuff for Your Inner Rugrat

Halt! Here’s Reptar! We have a list of Reptar stuff for nostalgic purposes. Know a Rugrat / Reptar fan? Is that person you?  The second most iconic dinosaur (Barney is the first) has the coolest gear on Amazon. And I promise these goodies will leave you fighting with your sibling like Phil and Lil! Twin

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