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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Best 80s Movies Poll

For today’s Throwback Thursday post, we have a poll for the best 80s movie. Vote between “E.T. the Extra Terrestrial,” “Back to the Future” and “The Goonies.” Vote and please share with your friends and family!

“A Star Is Born” Receives Praise Months Before Premiere

So far the remake of “A Star Is Born” starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper has received praise from Barbara Streisand and Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence described the movie as “f*cking phenomenal” while Barbara Streisand said that Bradley Cooper has done a “wonderful job with her [Lady Gaga].” The movie is no stranger in casting

Unpopular Opinion: “Rough Night” Made Me LOL

(The picture above is my exact reaction to the “Rough Night” reviews.) When I first saw “Rough Night” I was belly laughing and I mean BELLY LAUGHING. I thought this movie was so incredibly funny but I know a lot of people hated it. Before seeing the movie, I had the expectation of it being