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4 Movies To Buy This Weekend

The weekend calls for some movie nights or even binge watching days. There are four movies that came out within the last few weeks that you should consider buying.

SHOP THE LOOK: Coraline Jones

Let Halloween night be an alternate reality that you can’t resist venturing off to like Coraline. All this costume takes is simple everyday clothing and a blue wig. Coraline Jones wears a yellow raincoat with yellow rainboots to match, and jeggings. You can’t forget about her blue short hair which is the cherry on top

SHOP THE LOOK: Alan and Baby Carlos Costume

The Jonas Brothers may not be coming to town anytime soon, but Halloween is just around the corner! Dress up as Alan and Baby Carlos from The Hangover. If you want something easy yet iconic, this costume is for you. This 4-star rated costume set by TV Store comes with the same t-shirt Alan wears

SHOP THE LOOK: Jurassic World Halloween Costumes

  For the Halloween season, Pop Shop will be giving you ideas for what to dress up as! For the next several weeks, blog posts will be containing costume inspiration and products to buy. So you always wanted to be like Owen Grady from Jurassic World, huh? Well here’s some good news! Halloween is just

Freeform’s “31 Nights of Halloween” Lineup Should Include These Movies

  Halloween movies every night?! Yeah right…Freeform’s “31 Nights of Halloween” lineup is a let down. The network created “31 Nights of Halloween” instead of it’s 13 night run, which sounds exciting but one issue still remains–several repeats and irrelevance. On Tuesday, Freeform announced their “spooky” line up and to be honest, I’m pretty bummed

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